Drawing Cabinet

Drawing Cabinet has been created especially to store A1 to A4 sized papers safely and regularly. Drawing Cabinets for A0 sizes are possible on demand.

Building plans, construction drawings, diagrams, graphs, maps, artwork, and other large drawings can be easily recorded and instantly recovered.


Drawing Cabinet tool gives a simple way to build the walls that define the area where the drawing cabinets will be installed. You set the parameters indicating wall width and height, then place the walls where you want using the wall tool. Drawing Cabinet does the rest. Of course, you can then use regular Sketchup tools to draw the floor, punch window and door openings, and add doors, windows, and fittings from Sketchup’s great 3D Bin. You can also apply color and textures to any of the walls, objects, or furniture for an even more practical look.



Once the walls are drawn and space is limited, the fun begins: it’s time to start placing furniture. Drawing Cabinet uses an innovative story stick tool to quickly indicate cabinet placement by defining the location and type of each of the drawing cabinet styles.

Drawing Cabinet Uses


  • The highest density of storage: up to 500 drawings can be stored in a single drawer.
  • Stackability: structural support is provided at important places to let one fully loaded drawing cabinet to be stacked on top to save ground space.
  • Flat and easy operation: carefully manufactured precision slides with nylon waves and a continuous
  • pullout handle guarantees smooth operation.


If you need help in custom designing a drawing cabinet for your shipping services do write to us or give us a call.

Looking for customized Drawing Cabinet?

Drop in a mail. Our sales manager will get in touch with you.

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