Drive in Rack

Drive-in rack consists of support, single and double row spacer, pallet rail, single-arm, double arm, top beam, back beam, top stimulating, back strengthening, lead rail, upright cover, and other associates. It’s a kind of high-density accommodation system that can make use of 80% of the warehouse space. It suits for saving these goods which are of fast turnover, combined and with long shelf-life.

There are various names for drive-in racking, commonly used are through racks, hallway shelves, and straight-in shelves. Its biggest characteristics are that it can improve the preference rate, save warehouse space, and make full use of the period open in the warehouse.

When container storage density is a concern, drive-in pallet racking does the work right. By collecting drive-in pallets up to nine deep and three levels high, this “first in, last out” rule allows forklift way from either one or both sides of the drive-in pallet racking system. The drive-in rack is managed to endure years of forklift impacts and heavy drive-in pallet storage.


  • A kind of high-density warehouse system.
  • A kind of first-in-last-out warehouse system;
  • It suits putting these goods which are of fast turnover, combined and with a long shelf-life.
  • Adaptability and ease of establishment.

Drive in Rack Uses


Space is restricted. If you have huge amounts of related products that don’t need to be turned and not a whole lot of extra space, drive-in pallet racking may be perfect for you. It creates a more effective use of space.

Cold/freezer warehouse. When your products need to stay a specific temperature and you need only one entrance point, the drive-in will work for your order. Since a cold warehouse is high, you’ll want to store as many stocks in as limited a space as possible.

Weak product loads. Some weak stocks can’t be stored in block pipes and will do better with a drive-in racking system.

Inactive products. When you’ve got slow-moving, non-perishable stocks or seasonal warehouses. High-volume, low-SKU operations that don’t need the benefit of multiple isles most often choose this drive-in racking type.

Drive in Rack Features


In addition to increasing the utilization of warehouses, the drive-in rack has many benefits:

  • The warehouse has a high utilization rate, so no need to neglect special ways for the forklift in this drive-in racking system;
  • Due to the point that different positions can be arranged on both sides of each way, more file locations can be provided;
  • Drive-in Can adjust to various types of load, can adjust the beam height according to the size specifications of the goods, to meet the various storage size specifications;
  • The overall shelf building has good strength;
  • The cost of the unit area is low.
  • Drive-in pallet racking systems provide the best space utilization compared to floor stacking and conventional drive-in pallet racks. When you need to make good use of the space you’ve got, choose one of these methods for improved storage.
  • The greater density of accommodation in both systems allows at least 7 times more accommodation room than floor stacking and 5 times more than the regular pallet racks. drive-in can be used for cold warehouse purposes depending on your interests.
  • They are a complete and cost-effective storage choice for large amounts of products. Easy to install, they are typically ready in both structural and roll-formed steel.


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