Floor Crane

Floor Crane

We are the oldest and largest manufacturers of Hydraulic Floor Crane with Five Speed Pumps and Six position telescopic increases in the world. These floor cranes are prepared in ‘Counter Balance’ stories and ‘U’ frame models to suit different applications. All our floor cranes are made on well-designed dances & designs and are ready at short notice. All parts are easily interchangeable due to which there is no problem with servicing and repair. We can also provide design made solutions for your every need. We have now introduced a new range of counterbalance Hydraulic Floor Cranes wherein we can provide movable counterweights for easy transport.


Our Pressure-driven floor Crane is used to substituting dies from a machine. As the weight is checked it is easy to change while going on a computer or a reporter. We make our hydraulic floor crane with the best class metal obtained from esteemed merchants.


  • Intended for heavy-duty lifting, loading, and positioning.
  • Ruggedly-constructed; will give reliable, long-lasting use Standard.
  • Hand pump water-powered lift cylinder.
  • Weights load up to 2500mm.
  • Usable capacity: From 800 Kgs to 6000 Kgs.
  • A counterbalance Floor crane is also possible as per requirement.

Sturdy frame

Floor Crane Uses


Increased Safety

Forklifts carry the risk of imprecise stacking, unloading goods as well as accidents (due to crashing). Since an over crane moves objects through the above space of the facility, they don’t carry any of these risks and are able of moving heavy and bulky loads more quickly than forklifts.

Improved Load Control

Hanging lifts, more often than not, come with accuracy controls that will position objects accurately and without much difficulty. This allows the driver to place the load exactly where they want it to be while reducing human error.

Avoid Floor Obstructions

Since over floor crane is located as high as your facility’s roof, they avoid just about everything on your shed floor. This, in turn, allows you to connect the device just about anywhere you want. Also, you will be able to carry items safely above any restrictions, thereby decreasing product damage.


If you need help in custom designing floor crane for your shipping services do write to us or give us a call.


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