Flow Racks

Flow Racks

Not to be simple, but it’s a Flow Racks that helps with the flow of elements: the material is presented on one side and flows through the unit to the other side. They are also generally regarded as live warehouse racks, point of use Flow Racks, force-feed racks, and flow channels, among other names. The features of a flow rack are usually defined by the external footprint, the number of levels (rows), and the number of ways (columns).

The “flow” part of the flow rack is almost always performed by gravity, making flow racks unique among the other types of tools in that they move material without human action. The tool of flow can be wave tracks with wheels or an angled, flat surface that allows free flow.


If we use the term flow channels, which is a specific kind of flow rack, you may get a different mysterious image – a slide. Take a ball and roll it down a slide, that’s a flow channel. The rear load coolers in gas stations and party buildings often have angled racks that flow bottles and cans in dedicated ways from back to front, those are flow racks.

Fast food kitchens use flow channels to move items from the kitchen to the order picker. Once you start to think about flow racks, you see them in more areas than you would expect.

In production and distribution conditions, flow racks are used everywhere – warehouse, supermarket, kit cell, lineside area, and carry out zone.


  • FIFO – “First-In-First-Out” Register
  • Decreased Labor & Equipment Cost
  • Related File
  • File Reports
  • Less Pilferage & Product Cost
  • Improved Safety
  • Decreased Above Prices

Flow Racks Uses


  • Set boundary areas. Flow racks separate the performance area from the operative work zone. They create separation between those two functions. This is more common in construction than relationships but is becoming more accepted in distribution conditions as orders get smaller and move faster.
  • Create a material gift. Provide the right stock, in the right quantity, in the right space, to the operator, at the right time. Decrease the imagination, lifting, bending, and reaching in your method.


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