Pipe and Joint Rack

Pipe and Joint Rack

Pipe & Joint rack is an excellent stock handling system that is wisely designed for all industries’ stock handling needs. It is smart, powerful, and flexible.

It can make various types of products of racks, trolleys, production cell tables, viewing cabinets, and pressure-flow racks. In fact, the usage of pipe & joints racking system is endless, add in your idea today!

  • Easy and secure adjustment.
  • High safety and very simple connection, no need for welding.
  • Simple construction and easy production without special skills.
  • Enduring freshness is due to cover with ABS gum.
  • Secure administration of the united structure due to its lightweight.
  • Constant development projects are possible.
  • No need to provide special tools for building


  • These units convey boxes or bins to workstations, assembly points, press filling posts, kitting locations, and other stations of way.
  • The system consists of plastic-coated steel pipe parts that are cut to needed plan lengths and metal parts that tighten onto pipe parts via threaded bolts
  • Pipe covers of plastic layer, necessary layer, steel tube layer, and spray-paint layer.
  • The outer layer is made of PE, PVC, or ABS; the middle layer is a steel tube and the inner layer is covered with antirust color to have better protection against corrosion and rotting.


  • Excellent functionality
  • More extended service life
  • Good performance

Pipe and Joint Rack Uses


Pipe & Joint rack are used in process units in several different technical backgrounds such as petrochemical, medicine, and power plants to mention only several. These kinds of boots aren’t your typical warehouse parts. They’re utilized to move materials between use and warehouse locations. That normally means a pipe rack used at a petrochemical setting can store and move raw elements such as chemical feedstock, thus achieving a remarkably important role. This makes it very important to make guaranteed a premium excellent pipe frame is set up. An excellent choice for pipe racks would be a modular design.


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