What do you imagine when you listen to the word “Raceway”? Maybe you imagine a race track where some kind of aggressive speed game takes place, including cars or animals or video play styles riding go-karts. And there’s nothing incorrect with that. That is, in fact, a “raceway”.

But, as Wikipedia tells us, raceway can also refer to a “surface installed cable molding”. Maybe that doesn’t open it up very much, but fundamentally what it leads to is a race to run wires through, that installs on a bar, or a table, or some other surface, hiding wires or cables so your set-up looks nice and pretty.

It’s legitimately one of the most useful and handy cable administration tools for both home users and experts and can do wonders for both a DIY home cinema set-up and an expert interview room at a Fortune 500 corporation.


There’s also a little something called Raceway, which is strong enough for outdoor applications and looks great in technical or business settings.

Normally, in these types of environments (think server room, shed, workshop), wires are managed through wire cable trays. This is convenient because it allows for easy passage to wires, and has space for air-conditioning and allows dust and different materials to fall through without falling on the wires.

This isn’t always possible though. Sometimes, your raceway wires are just too expensive to allow them to be supported by nothing but wire trays. Fiber optic cables, for instance, are very sensitive and must be guarded against the threatening world around them. Like a baby or a sensitive flower.

Raceway Uses


Surface Raceways: Pipes made of metal or plastic (PVC) which installed on walls and have cables running inside it, you can add more cables to it and replace the whole line of your facility. It’s commonly used in factories where it may need to change a plug area as the creation of work settings.

Underground Raceways: It’s the same as surface raceways but it is established under the floor and is commonly used in houses that contain large servers and contains many wires.


  • Not so impressed by warmth like wires.
  • Very high flow bearing capacity.
  • Higher short lines face.
  • Easy in support and troubleshooting.


If you need help in custom designing the raceway for your shipping services do write to us or give us a call.

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