A stacker lift truck is a pallet truck that connects the right angle stack purposes of larger, more costly trucks like reach trucks and counterbalance trucks with the market and ease of use of pallet trucks. It is a unit load area and retrieval truck used primarily in product presentation or for overnight accommodation.

A stacker lift truck is viewed most suitable to use for lower duty cycles or lower throughput attention when the need to stack pallets or unit loads is less than about 18 feet. By throughput, we mean pallets moved per hour or downshift.


Stacker is perfect for small space objects that are carried inside the shed not passing 5 hours of delay. The stackers are created with small wheels, which makes them more suited for indoor purposes. It’s the same small wheels that make them approved for flat cement floors too. With technological development now, the stackers can be customized with great wheels as per your desires and requirements.



In the world of warehousing, shipping and general matter handling a stacker is a machine that combines features of a walk-behind pallet jack with features of a lift truck where an engineer would typically sit or stand while driving like a counterbalanced, move or balance lift truck.

Stacker Uses


  • The battery ran electric devices have very low running costs when connected to those run by Diesel, CNG, and LPG.
  • The walkie stackers do not consume polluting fumes or any noise. This aspect makes them becoming even for in-door stuff handling stress.
  • The lower energy loss is their next performance. They produce very fewer carbon discharges.
  • The walkie stackers are highly maneuverable and most of them are assembled to work even in small spaces, which helps them boost the bin capacity.
  • They have vast worker clarity, thanks to their smaller size drivers.


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