Warehouse racking is an important storage unit element in many manufacturing and storage facilities for the holdings of goods, products and materials in an organized and accessible fashion. For most warehouse owners, optimum use of space capacity and an organized system of goods storage is an important element of improving work or operation flow.

The conventional warehouse racking is the most popular and the simplest storage system in the warehouse for direct and access to each section. It is also the most economical in terms of equipment investment cost. The best storage solution for warehouse storage. Warehouse storage rack systems allow goods to be stored vertically and horizontally on shelving systems such as pallet racks, push back racks and flow racks. The most suitable design and material for a racking setup will be determined by both the load size and weight needing to be stored, as well as the frequency with which it needs to be accessed and restocked or unloaded.

The increased space efficiency in a warehouse or factory is one of the biggest advantages to implementing a warehouse racking system. Land and storage space can be an expensive overhead for a manufacturer and therefore methods in which to maximize existence space are a good investment to make


  1. 100% accessibility and good stock rotation;


  1. Beam can be adjusted to store various pallet height and weight;


  1. Easy to assemble, structure is simple and stable;


  1. Compatible with most mechanical handling equipment, forklift, lifting devices;


  1. Suitable for most of applications requiring fast rotation;


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