Mobile Compactors

Mobile compactors are approved shelving installed on a mobile base, producing a unique storage facility. These are mobile trolley ( chassis) installed mobile compactors shelving systems that move on tracks that provide the highest storage capacity. These mobile compactors systems have only one-way passage through increasing efficiency of the storage. Mobile compactors are completely safe to use.

Mobile Compactors

The entire mobile compactors are clad with powder-coated steel sheets. It is soft, quiet, and easy to maintain. This system allows the user to open the mobile systems to recover and file items. The mobile compactors system is an innovative space-saving warehouse system with warehouse units installed on mobile trolleys, thereby reducing un-productive ways.

It has a simple and simple system with minimum maintenance and no service costs. The main benefit of the mobile compactor system is that it saves and/or makes the best use of the space as more storage units can be provided on the same floor area. Thus Mobile Compactor Storage System virtually increases your storage capacity.


  • Filing
  • Lightweight versatile products warehouse
  • Warehouse of valuable items
  • Auto & Auto Ancillary units
  • Light Design
  • Pharmaceutical production units
  • Defense area
  • Delivery Centers
  • Hospitals & Resorts

Mobile Compactors Uses


  • Fit low rise shelving.
  • A finger force by a person is enough to move the road train.
  • A floor lock ensures the fixed and mobile segment and stops pilferage.
  • Accidental change is checked through an aisle lock.
  • Powder-coated.


  • Better use of Space: Only one way is needed between a run of mobile compactors shelving which can improve utilization close to 100%. Ideal for collecting bulk records, archival warehouse, maintenance stores, Quality Assurance departments, etc.
  • Security: The purpose of the mobile compactors system can restrict entrance by illegal people.
  • Effortless Action: Anti-friction applications and effective drive devices secure easy and smooth movement.
  • Easy Adjustment: The wide range of sizes available allows the system to maximize available cubic space. Its light tone finishes combinations with any situation.


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