Mobile Pallet RackingMobile Pallet Racking

When one has to improve the construction of the logistics however space is a restraint our Mobile Pallet Racking System is a supreme substitute. These can be standard and used with mechanical power-driven or programmed these depend on the load to be stored. Moreover, the mobile pallet racking is installed on rails along with the breath and sometimes longer depending on the availability of the space. These are ideal for light to cool loads like reports small, parts, spare parts tools, etc.

Mobile pallet racks are generally known as multi-level units that are accessible in a structured form. Mobile pallet racks are very popular and are usually used as storage systems in different enterprises. These days, factory and warehouse space are getting quite costly and therefore it becomes very important to use your factory or warehouse space most efficiently.

Mobile pallet racking saves a lot of space by reducing the number of paths to be used. Mobile pallet racking is perfect for use in factories as well as warehouses. With a Mobile pallet racking system, you can obtain the pallets directly. Cold stores and other freezers also take the help of mobile pallet racking to make use of the space accessible in the most efficient way.


  • Barriers installed on the floor
  • Barriers are made into the floor of the warehouse for the transfer of the shuttles that support the construction of the mobile bases.
  • Front security laser barrier
  • The safety laser device is located on the front that provides a report to the main control on the position of each block of shelves to prevent potential risks or barriers.
  • Laser barrier on the mobile base
  • Security laser device with the same risk stopping objective as the front protection, but found on the base of the racking.
  • Avenue check button
  • Safety devises to guarantee each work aisle generated with the compaction of the structure.
  • Start/stop button
  • Corresponding control button to the main control to order the start or stop of any of the mobile pallet racking segments.
  • Main control
  • Mobile pallet racking operations center, which merged with the remote control, registers, orders, and processes the different driving modes. It has various control buttons and a screen that displays the knowledge.
  • Distribution cables

The electrical distribution wiring system is answerable for supplying electricity to the electric motor of each block of shelves and therefore closing the electrical circuit to guarantee the operation of the system.

Mobile Pallet Racking Uses


  • Effective use of space as it is a small system
  • Cost-effective solution because of the decrease in floor space due to the number of openings saved
  • Decrease in travel time because of the minor floor area required
  • Modular structure which can be extended over some time
  • Ideal for storage of light to average loads like documents, small parts, spare parts, tools and drugs
  • Powder-coated and prepared in a choice of colors

Mobile Pallet Racking Benefits


The benefits of mobile pallet racking start from its capacity for maximum compaction of the structure while controlling direct access to all unit loads.

  • Analyzes access to all Mobile pallet racking pallets.
  • Important energy savings.
  • Industrial mobile racking conforms to any space, weight, or size of the goods, and is cooperative with other automatic or traditional storage systems.
  • Effective use of space. High-density storage system, i.e., the same space with a higher warehouse capacity
  • Energy savings: control of lighting and lots of space to be cooled. Only the open aisle is lit. Once the rack is fully loaded, the lighting for that row is automatically switched off.


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