Pigeon Hole Rack

Instead of using expensive hole racks, our pigeon hole racks use full-length dividers to create the individual open-fronted sections, this simple but powerful design allows each shelf height to be fixed relative to the items being stored – providing a manageable solution that can adapt to an ever-changing stock profile. When your stock profile carries a wide variety of different items, pigeon-hole racks shelving systems provide a practical and cost-effective storage solution – perfect for improving stock-picking duties whilst maintaining good levels of stock visibility.

Built from the same high-quality components as our range of Trimline stockroom shelving, these pigeon-hole racks come in a range of sizes to suit practically any application but are most common with high road retailers who need huge quantities of stock in what are often very small markets areas. Slim posts and small beams combine to offer a class-leading storage solution that can be combined into even the most rigidly shaped stock rooms.

The photos below show a first fashion retailer utilizing long runs of this style of racking in the stockroom, storing a high number of SKU’s in an open-plan style that is very user friendly.

Retailers who mainly sell clothing can maximize storage space by using pigeon hole racks that are the same shape and size, others profit from a mixture of different sizes to provide more varied stock profiles.

The picture shown is taken from a high street fashion retailer’s stockroom where they have made excellent use of the pigeon hole rack storage system combined into the standard Trimline shelving system. This smart use of space includes standard shelves, mid-section cubby holes, and garment hanging to offer a comprehensive all-in-one storage solution.

As stock ranges and buying courses change, the shelves and forms can be easily altered when required thanks to the simple bolt-less design that requires no special devices to collect or adjust. As a general rule, static pigeon hole racks like the ones shown costs around £130 per running meter but each project is unique and we suggest that you provide us with your storage requirements so that we can provide you with an accurate selection.


  • Factories
  • Police stations
  • Clinics
  • Institutions
  • Public libraries
  • Houses
  • Stores
  • Market shops
  • Stalls

Pigeon Hole Rack Uses


  • Long-lasting
  • Stylish design
  • Sturdily-built Body
  • Corrosion Repellent Racks
  • Accessible in various sizes
  • Strong built
  • Made from nature mild steel
  • Simply cleanable
  • Load carriage strength
  • Plated, thus defends from corrosion
  • Water-resistant
  • Evenly divided
  • Light in weight
  • Exact dimensions
  • Freeform cutting edges
  • Accessible in customized sizes
  • Highly strong
  • Flexible height
  • Easy installation
  • Maintenance-free
  • Equally spaced rocks
  • Stable base on the surface
  • Can be easily transferred

Pigeon Hole Rack Features



The first advantage is the better utilization of space. Pigeon hole racks are designed to better maximize the usage of space within a structure. They are customizable to fit virtually any space available in the building. This is a huge positive since it means that you can fit the pigeon hole racks storage units even in areas that hadn’t been designated for this purpose.


Pigeon hole racks are also very good in terms of organization. If you have a workplace with many people handling different roles pigeon hole racks are quite good at ordering information between these people.

All you have to do is put the documentation into the pigeon hole racks of the concerned person. For feedback, the person will place the documentation in your own pigeon hole racks and so on.

They are also useful for the delivery of post within the home. All one has to do is check their pigeon hole racks for any new post.


Flexibility is another advantage of using pigeon hole racks storage units. With pigeon hole racks storage units there is really no limitation as to what can be stored in them. You may use them for storage of books in your house or business, you may also use them for storing CDs and DVDs among others.

This level of flexibility is not possible in other forms of storage units. The flexibility here comes in due to the ability of them to be custom fit to support whatever you may wish.

4.Simple Solution

Simplicity is another advantage of choosing pigeon hole racks storage units. Pigeon hole racks storage units have a very simplistic yet powerful design. They are also intended to be very strong. In fact, the material used for their creation is entirely dependent on the client. You may pick from wooden ones to those made of steel.


If want to store your important materials or documents, this pigeon hole rack is the perfect choice for you, contact us to place your order.

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