Sheet Storage Racks


Sheet Storage Racks require head lift are generally used for strong dies, leaves, bars, fixtures, molds, and many more. The variety of racks gives sovereign locations for each size and thickness. Saves time whilst changing over from a mixture of sizes in CNC punching machine & laser, these Sheet Storage Racks are favored for providing security. The whole roll-out rack is freely available for loading and unloading for the rest of the clients.

Our Sheet Storage Racking Systems are well known for their well-timed delivery guaranteeing high quality. we have come forward with the most effective and business solutions when it comes to space utilization. Sheet Storage Shelving Racks are just one of the various ideas that we bring into use in order to make the peak out of open space with the ever-increasing storage needs. A quality range of Sheet Storage Racks using bonus grade raw matters.

These Sheet Storage Racks, widely used in warehouses and local stores, are favored for their better working life and specific organization. They are capable of withstanding heavy load. Available in different dimensions, these pallet racks are tested in agreement industry quality standards for securing better results


  • Light-weight
  • The systematic approach of the stock
  • Easy administration
  • Decreased labor


  • 20 standard type 350 stainless steel sides
  • The capacity of three glass shelves
  • Two flexible shelves
  • United steel construction for good service over time
  • Sheet Storage Racks Roll-out drawers easily pull out and push back in
  • Sheet Storage Racks Roll-out drawers help in material treatment in addition to practical and ergonomic

Use with a kind of lift methods such as magnet, space, lift and lock lifts



Sheet Storage Racks systems give important benefits when they are designed to meet your needs and adapt to your record levels. Our Sheet Metal Storage Solutions have several benefits including:

  • Increased storage density: Create more sheet metal in the same space and convert square footage. Improve your list controls and counts and achieve a Higher Load Capacity.
  • Improved organization and efficiency: Produce a more organized, cleaner workspace that makes it easier and faster to locate, access, and replace sheet elements. Names on sheet storage systems also help improve clarity and organization.
  • Higher ROI: Collect more product in the same amount of space, and reduce the number of lost and damaged sheets.
  • Improved safety: Making metal sheets in a structured rack is safer than storing sheets on the floor.
  • Higher employee morale: Racks are easier for workers to use, which improves productivity, profits, and spirit.
  • Reduced workload: One worker can reliably and efficiently handle all loading and unloading.


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